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We strive to find housing solutions for all people across Berkshire County.

I need immediate assistance

Finding an available apartment can be a challenge.  However, if you are homeless or need to move within 30 days, please click Housing Resources below so we can offer resources to support your search.



I’m 62+ or Mobility Impaired

  1. Are you homeless and need immediate help? Fill out our Intake Form.
  2. If you are 62+ or mobility impaired, we may have a property to fit your needs. Please understand the majority of our properties have a waitlist.
  3. View our properties and if you find what you’re looking for, complete our application.
  4. If you’re looking for other options, please see our Housing Search Help page.
  5. Need additional assistance once you find an apartment?  Do you need help finding an apartment?  Please fill out our Intake Form so we can see what services you need.

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I’m a Family or Individual

  1. Are you homeless and need immediate help? Fill out our Intake Form.
  2. Have you started your search and need resources? View our Housing Resources page.
  3. Have you been issued a voucher of any kind or been awarded funding from RAFT? Fill out our Intake Form and select “Housing Search Assistance”

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Connect with us

Not sure where to go or what you’re looking for?  We understand completely.  Call, email, or visit our office for more help!

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Help with Housing

Our Housing Consumer Education Center (also called HCEC) can connect you with resources to pay your rent, work with your utility company, and provide support services to help you keep your housing.

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Available Properties

Interested in seeing what properties are available in the Berkshires? See our full list of properties for families, one-bedroom apartments, and elderly residents.

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